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We Would Love To Support You!

Psalm 68:6 “God sets the lonely in families.”

How do you figure out how many kids to have? A friend of ours shared her theory with us a while back. She did so by asking this question: “When you look at your family, is anyone missing?” I think my immediate response was something like “There is always someone missing. I can’t ever find all these little urchins!” Ha! I did think it was a good question though. I actually think about it quite often when glancing in my rearview mirror or around my kitchen table.
The question is especially good as we consider the needs of children in the USA and around the world. Currently there are 422,000 children under the age of 18 in foster care in the United States (Fostering Success Foundation). UNICEF claims that globally there are 153,000,000 children who are orphans. Picture 153 Austin’s full of children. Or, for you soccer moms, that’s nearly 22 million Toyota Sienna’s full of kiddos. Yes, that’s more than the pick-up line at your public schools. Now the question of “When you look at your family, is anyone missing?” becomes a bit heavier to answer.
Is everyone equally equipped to adopt or foster children? No. Are there different roles that we can all play in meeting this great need that God has set before His Church? Yes. Would you like to begin exploring how you could help? Your role could be as simple as babysitting for a foster family. It could also be as challenging as adopting internationally. Whatever it is, we’d love to support your faith as you step out!
Currently we are looking for 3-5 more families or individuals who would like to attend the A Future and A Hope Conference onFebruary 2. Are you interested? Don’t worry, there will be no pressure, guilt tripping, or commitments required. This is just a simple invitation to walk with us as we walk with Jesus toward kiddos in need.  Let us know if you’d like to come!