We Grow From Commitment

Commit your way to the Lord. (Psalm 37:5)

What do you think about this statement?

“People grow from commitment.”

Do we really grow from committing to things? One illustration that clarifies this truth for me is the idea of signing up to run in a race. I’ve known a lot of folks who sign up to run a race long before they are actually in shape for that race. In other words, they commit to the race in hopes that they will grow in their ability to run it by the time race day arrives. They commit so that they can get fit.

Our Next Steps seminars revolve around this idea of growing from commitment. In each of the four seminars there is a commitment to make:

Membership - I commit to make this church my home church.

Maturity - I commit to practices that will keep me closely connected to God (Bible study, prayer, community, etc.).

Ministry - I commit to use my spiritual gifts in ministry at HCBCPF.

Mission - I commit to be used by God to share His good news with the world.

As you look at these four commitments, it may feel as intimidating as signing up for a race. This said, it’s cool to think about the person you become as you actually follow through on the commitments you make. You become someone who:

  • Is truly a part of a family of believers (Membership)
  • Is closely connected with God (Maturity)
  • Has a ministry that really helps others see Jesus better (Ministry)
  • Helps the world see the love of God (Mission)

And chances are, this is exactly who you want to be. So why not commit to take your Next Step on March 6th? Reserve your spot for the seminars today!