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Why we remember Good Friday

As you may know this Friday we are observing Good Friday. We have a come and go service at from 6pm to 8pm tonight where you can come and reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for you. Specifically we honor and mourn His death. The church has been observing Good Friday for hundreds of years with the specific purpose of feeling the weight of the perfect and blameless God-Man dying in our place. It’s not meant to create self pity, it’s meant to create thankfulness and deep awe that someone would love you so much and die in your place so you didn’t have to. Jesus loves you and He proved it on the cross. So come tonight, bring your family and friends. Take communion together, write your name on a sheet of paper and nail it to the cross. Let’s remember the sacrifice of Jesus with great anticipation as we look ahead to Sunday morning. He died for you, but He didn’t stay dead! He proved that what He said was true by rising from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. His life wasn’t taken away, no, He willingly laid it down for you, because He loves you!

Click here to watch a video on why Jesus died for Barabbas.