The Workers are Ready

This Saturday bright and earlier at 3:30am we have a team of students and adults heading out to Haiti. Then on July 10 we send out another group of students and adults to Moore, OK. Over the next few weeks we are sending over 40 students and adults to demonstrate and declare the gospel…the good news of Jesus Christ.

When we read Matthew 9:36 and following we see Jesus going, teaching, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing the sick. Then, it is almost as if He lifts His eyes and sees the crowds and knows there is no way He and His disciples can reach everyone. They can’t teach everyone, they can’t proclaim the good news to everyone and they can’t help everyone. It says “he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” But what could He and his disciples to? There were too many. Jesus knew that the way the gospel would get to EMWC was by asking the Father to “send out workers into his field.” I find great joy and encouragement when I see this prayer being answered over and over again through the lives of the people of our church, students and adults alike. Whether it is someone building relationships with their neighbors, hosting a Bible club, or going on a trip to Haiti or Moore, OK the prayer Jesus told His disciples to pray is being answered. Which is pretty incredible. God’s plan to get the gospel to every man, woman and child has always included using us.

So join me in praise to God for the workers He is sending out to Haiti and Moore and let’s also continue to ask Him to send more worker into to His field until everyone has had a chance to hear the good news of the kingdom of God.