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That Was Time Well Spent

Someday, when we’re sitting in heaven in our big houses (mine will be the one with bike trails in the back yard), I wonder what we’ll look back on and say,
“That was time well spent!”
With our heavenly perspective, I wonder if we’ll be happy that we gave:
7 minutes to our abs each day
30 minutes to that gluten free recipe
40 hours to that company
395 pages to Francine Rivers
One mealtime to that neighbor across the street
I wonder what we’ll talk about as we sit there bubbling in our golden hot tubs. (Hey! I can find a verse to back this up!)
There are two things that Jesus has already said will be noteworthy in the end.
1. Loving God. 
2. Loving our neighbors.
(Matthew 22:37-39)
And you know what?! We are excited to say that our church family will have a lot to talk about in the future! A few times a year we conduct a Missional Health Survey with our members and regular attenders. This survey gives us a relative read on how we are doing at loving our neighbors out of the overflow of our love for God. Here are a few results from the fall survey:
Out of nearly 100 surveys
92% of us were praying for our neighbors
81% were having folks over for meals or social events
53% had shared our story or God’s story with our neighbors
10 people came to saving faith in Jesus!!!!!
Now, I don’t think we’ll we shouting out statistics in Heaven, but I do think we’ll be saying names.
“Remember when Ben came to faith at your barbecue in 2018?!”
Or… “That was awesome when you led Rosa to faith at the gym!”
Or… “Bill, I can’t believe Chuck led you to faith. I guess God can use anyone!”
Someday, you and I will look back on the time we gave to loving our neighbors. When we do, I’m sure that we’ll say, “That was time well spent!”
Way to go church! Keep using your lives for loving your neighbors! You’re doing great!

Josh Howlett
Community Pastor