Compassion Ministry Fair

Compassion Ministry Fair 
This Sunday, March 4 in the Lobby! 

I was standing in line at a not-to-be-named sandwich shop the other day and was astonished at how long it was taking for these folks to connect the bready-oil-drizzled-meaty-goodness they were offering to my salivating taste buds. I wanted it five minutes ago people! It was taking entirely too long to connect me with the object of my desire. I was like “Ready! Set! Go! Sandwich please!!!”

Often God puts noble desires (much more noble than consuming a sandwich) in the hearts of His people in order to: brighten the week of our elderly neighbors, or throw a Frisbee with a kid on their lunch break, or share some diapers with a young mom who wasn’t expecting to be expecting.

Far too often though, these God-given desires fade before we see a clear opportunity to act upon them. We wanted to do something, but the whiny kids in the back of the mini-van or the last minute business trip snuck in and stole our attention. Hey, it happens to all of us.

The thing is, if we don’t do something that we want to do now, we probably won’t do it later. This is why we want to put some “Ready. Set. Go. Opportunities” in front of our church family this week. You want to live for others (Mark 10:45)! We want to help you do this right away! This Sunday you will be handed a booklet that displays ways that you can serve folks in need. You don’t have to stand in line, wait twenty minutes or wonder how you can contribute. The needs are clear. All you have to do is get Ready. Set. Go!

Find out more about our compassion ministries here.

Compassion Ministries:
Exists to multiply REAL disciples for the sake of EMWC by enlisting our church family in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of: the elderly, the poor, the fatherless, the widow, the hurting, and the marginalized in our community and world.

Josh Howlett
Community Pastor