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The Great Adventure

When asked to write the Feed about Great Adventure at first I thought, “Well everyone knows about Great Adventure.” Then I realized that this thought is from someone who has been involved since its first year at the HCBC Austin Campus in 1995. I’ve held every position possible and have been involved in all areas throughout the years. I thought last year, “I wish I had kept all those photos each year in their own binder.”

Here are some of the exciting memories God and I have of Great Adventure.

View from a Host

 - Watching a little girl who had a chance to hear her first Bible stories. Granted it was in defiance to her Muslim father, (which I did not promote!) who said she couldn’t attend. So she just sat on the curb across the street and listened. Ok, maybe I told the students to project loudly so all the kids could hear. Later she prayed “in secret” led by my daughter to receive Christ. I don’t know where she is now, but God does.

- The student who showed up an hour and a half early everyday ready to use my sidewalk chalk to draw a picture of the story from the day before. Jonah being “vomited on the beach” had new meaning for this believer, and I hope that kid went into art! Did I mention our club was 9 am?

- Students learning to forge through the Bible story with commentary from a drunk heckler that was our neighbor.

- Having my nieces who didn’t have a great role model for a mother want to come back summer after summer for Bible Clubs.

- The very last club I had, I only had one child, and she came only Wednesday night. She is one of the most beautiful little 5 year old girls I’ve ever seen, barring my own of course, probably because she is the spitting image of her father, my son. She prayed to receive Christ that night. A prayer I specifically said for years “God I can handle anything if I know she knows you, could you just let me know that.” God allowed me to witness that and to remind me He’s in it for EVERY ONE.

Significance of a Driver

- The driver that encouraged my first born when in her words were “I did awful telling the story and my captain just said yeah you need to work on that.” Her driver reminded her that her very presence was a beautiful obedience to Christ; walk on, you have His praise and that’s what is most important.

- As a driver I got to pray with students that were excited, beat up on, discouraged, tired… and did I mention dehydrated and sleep deprived?!

- Felt like I was a part of the best team ever; teenagers can do that to you.


- Gotta love those really weird (I confess I look for weird) t-shirts I made our five kids wear each year so I could find them easier.

- People who wouldn’t ever dream of coming to church attended a party with us…at our church. Christians can be fun!

- Captains becoming leaders and having the whole carnival set up for me in 30 mins.. I mean ALL, only for the rain to hit and we tore it down in 15 and set it all back up again in 30 without complaining. In fact, we were all laughing.

- Watching the children’s excitement when they see the students that they have spent all week with.

- Corn, Cotton Candy…oh yeah sinking pastors in the dunking booth… yeah, yeah Chuck Leyden I did hit the lever!

Supervising Students

- Developing a love for Christ by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with complete strangers. Can’t get any better than that.

So, if you don’t have memories like that of Great Adventure, call me; I have a team waiting to plug you in! To pull off the Great Adventure it takes everyone using lots of different gifts. I bet we can help you fit in and make great new memories!

Till EVERY ONE Knows!

Tina Leyden