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The Feed Feature: Over-committed and Under-connected

Busy, busy, busy…I think those words sum up many family’s lives when it comes to August and September. School is back in session, music lessons, sports practices, meet the teacher, fantasy football drafts and many other meetings are happening. Just typing out all those events wore me out!

The reality is many married couples are over-committed in life and under-connected to their spouse. The current divorce rate in our country is about 50% with highest divorce rates being with couples in their first 7 years of marriage or after 22 years, when the kids are grown up and out of the house.

Over the years, I have counseled many couples who were on the brink of walking away from their marriage. Each couple is different and has their own story of how they have reached this point. As I have counseled couples though, there seems to be a common thread, their marriage did not hit this breaking point overnight. There were red flags in their marriage weeks, months, or maybe years in advance.

Marriage is not easy and Satan does not want your marriage to survive. He wants your marriage to fail. I know everyone is busy, busy, busy, but you must make time for your spouse…the most important human relationship on earth. If your marriage is doing great or reaching the breaking point, let me encourage you to pray about our marriage weekend which is next week. Take this opportunity to connect with your spouse at a different level over this weekend. Come experience a weekend of intimacy and deep oneness with your spouse.

I will be facilitating the weekend with my wife, Nikki and Bill & Debbie Muench. We are also partnering with Wells Branch Community Church and Redemption City Church who are both part of the Hill Country Association. Cost is $49 (Lunch will be provided and childcare is available for a fee- 1st child- $25; 2nd child- $20; Each Add’l- $15). If cost is an issue, please contact me. Click here for more info and to sign-up. 

I hope to see you at the Marriage Weekend, 
Jeff Hunt