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The FEED Feature - Celebrate Recovery Women's Step Study

One year ago, I was sitting in a chair in my home full of anger, no hope, emotionally and spiritually drained. This morning I was sitting in the same chair with a joyful heart and deeply connected to Jesus. 
You'd probably agree there's a big difference in who you’d like to be and in who you actually are right now. I really wanted to control my anger and outbreaks of rage. However, I became bitter, judgmental, insensitive and had a stone heart. I had become a person I didn’t want to be, and hated myself.  My "I can fix it attitude" and pride kept me from seeking the help I needed to reach my goals for transformation in this area of my life.
I'd heard about Celebrate Recovery (CR) and wrongfully assumed it was only for folks struggling with drugs or alcohol. I was afraid of what others would think about me being in "recovery." There came a time when I was ready to end my miserable life. However, God rescued me. He saw me in a different way than I saw myself. He saw my potential and a life worth living. He allowed me to overcome my pride, and gave me the strength to take a huge leap of faith: I started the CR Women's Step Study. To my surprise, the women in this group were facing struggles very similar to mine. We became a close-knit support group and developed a binding trust in one another. We were in a safe place that allowed us to openly share our hurts, habits, and hang-ups which led to a deeper relationship with God and healing. 
CR is an amazing Christ-focused ministry based on the eight Beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It's a safe place open to anyone who wants to see God transform them through any hurt, habit or hang-up (Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Control, Co-dependency, Fear, Eating Disorders, Pride, Lust, Lacking Self-Worth, Slander, etc.).
The path to freedom begins through the Celebrate Recovery large group meetings each Friday night at 7:00PM. This said, major progress comes by engaging in the smaller step studies (much like Real Life Groups, but centered around focused issues from which one is seeking freedom). God led me to this platform (CR Step Study) where I was able to transform my life, find joy and peace and reach out to hurting women.
I encourage women seeking freedom from unspoken issues to join us! Tuesday, February 6 in Room 116 at 6:30PM for the next Women's Step Study. Contact: Carolyn Wright,, 512-619-4831 (call or text), or you can register online. 
Carolyn Wright
Carolyn Wright 2018