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The Feed Feature - Adoption and Fostering

Something we CAN do!

I have so many crazy kids living at my house right now. Actually, I only have three of them, but because they’re quick little boogers, sometimes there appears to be more of them than there actually are. They’re everywhere!!! We love them, but they’re definitely a lot to handle with all the demands of life..As we approach Orphan Sunday and see the huge need for adoption and fostering of children, I have to be honest, jumping in with both feet seems overwhelming to me. Many of you have probably felt this way over the years as our church has celebrated Orphan Sunday. You really want to help, but don’t quite feel ready to take the very big step of fostering or adopting a child. This may have led you to believe that there is no part that you can play in “caring for the orphan” as James puts it; but that’s not the case.

This year, we want to call your attention to something you CAN do. On November 13, Starry (A local Adoption/Foster organization) has asked our church family to provide a meal for 40 foster families (100 adults, 70 kids). This meal will be provided during the time that these families receive their ongoing training and certification required by the great state of Texas. We’ll be feeding them as they are trained to foster. How cool is that?!!!

2 Chronicles 16:9 reminds us that God loves to strongly support those who are committed to Him and His causes. We want to be a church that strongly supports families who are committed in the area of fostering and adopting children.

Would you join us in feeding foster families as your response to Orphan Sunday this year? We CAN do this!

Sign up to help provide this meal here.



Josh Howlett