Thank You Small Groups!!!

Acts 2:46 They had “glad and generous hearts.”

I rarely watch the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. Mainly because it’s the “late” show, and my wife and I can’t make it past 9:30 these days without our eyes closing. That’s life with young kids I guess. Or we are just getting older. Ha! This said, I have watched a handful of his hilarious “thank you notes” on YouTube on my “lunch break”…er…hum. Sometimes they can get a little off, but in general they have a lot of fun on that show. They laugh a lot!

I don’t know where the folks on the Late Show are in regards to faith in Christ. One thing that is clear however is that they enjoy life and each other quite a bit. I think we could probably learn a thing or two from them on this.

As I think back over my experiences in church life, small groups, Bible studies and more, I can remember some really fun, laughter-filled times with other believers. At the same time, I can also remember groups with less life and vitality. When I assess what made the difference between the dry groups and the ones filled with life and joy, one factor comes to mind. That factor seemed to be whether or not the group had people who were willing to intentionally bring joy to each other by the power of God’s Spirit (Gal. 5:22).

What if our small groups were filled with joy and laughter? What if you were meant to play a key part in making that a reality. This Spring I challenge you to join a small group for the purpose of making it a joy-filled, laughter-laced community of God. Your contribution could be the key to helping others enjoy full-life with Jesus!