Prospectus On A Great Investment

What is the best investment you ever made? Have you ever been able to invest a relatively small amount and experience a great return? Maybe it was one of those ground floor opportunities or an IPO for a relatively unknown start up that took off. You felt as though you were the savviest investor around.

If you haven’t been so fortunate to make such an investment would you like to? Would you like for someone to give you a lead or just make insider trading legal for a day so you could cash in and watch the profits from your investment grow?

If you’re thinking “Oh man! Would I ever. That would be awesome.” Well today is that day! Insider trading has been made legal for this investment.

Dads, place your buy order now for Father-Daughter Campout Inc. Don’t roll your eyes. I promise you the potential for this investment to provide relational capital is almost off the chart. Lest you think I over exaggerate and I am attempting to make a bear market sound bullish, this last week I was talking to my 24-year-old daughter whose is expecting her first child. She was recalling all the years of Father-Daughter Campout and all the fun memories. Like the time when she and her friends along with their mothers planned to take all their dads shirts they had packed for the camping trip and replace them with awful, ugly Christmas sweaters. Each of my three girls could share with you story after story.

Dads, the smart money is on Father-Daughter Campout Inc. Invest in her and your return . . . will last longer than your IRA.

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Chuck Leyden
Family Pastor