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Owe Love Only - Count Me In!

Last Sunday we revealed one of our major initiatives this year—to completely pay off the mortgage on our land and building by finishing our 3-year capital campaign called OWE LOVE ONLY. Make sure you see the video here:

Retiring our debt will free up funds to expand our outreach locally (compassion ministries), regionally (church planting), and globally (international church plant movements). It will also allow greater funding for our internal ministries aimed at maturing and multiplying disciples.

To reach our goal this summer, we are asking everyone to unite in 28 days of prayer for the successful completion of the campaign. See the prayer card here. In addition, we are asking everyone to pray about their personal participation. There are three distinct groups of people we are asking to pray:

1. We are asking everyone who made pledges three years ago to “persevere in their pledge” and consider extending their pledge by three months (until August 28).

2. We are asking everyone new to HCBC since the launch of OLO to pray about pledging a 9-month financial commitment to help us get over the finish line.

3. Finally, we are asking everyone who did not feel led to give three years ago to pray about making a pledge during this final stretch (9-months).

In addition to the remaining pledged gifts, we need $180,000 to retire our debt. This is very possible as we all unite as a church that prays and obeys what Jesus says. It should be a very exciting home stretch!

For more information on OWE LOVE ONLY, go here.