Obedience to Alaska

Trusting, Listening and Serving Wherever You Find Yourself
Recently, I received some sad, yet exciting news. How can it be both sad and exciting at the same time? One of our Children’s Ministry Team Members and friend, Norm, recently shared with us that he is going to have to step down from serving because his family is moving back home to Alaska. When my wife and I heard this, we were sad. Norm is awesome, and interesting! Norm is from Alaska and tells fun stories about the weather, the animals and many other interesting facts about where he's from. We love Norm. He has been serving in the sixth grade class in The Edge at HCBCPF and has developed an incredible ministry partnership.  

As I talked to Norm about his upcoming adventure back to Alaska, he shared how grateful he is for our church's role in equipping him to move back home. You see, one of the reasons Norm is excited to move back is so that he can live out and share the Gospel with his family members who are not believers.

While Norm has attended Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville, he has been given the tools to love God and others well, and engage in spiritual conversations. When asked how the church did this, Norm named off several different things, but one of the main tools was serving in ministry.

About two years ago, Norm felt God calling him to serve in our church family. He asked God to show him where to serve, and felt God telling him to plug into Children’s Ministry. He listened, and started teaching in the sixth grade class. This has caused him to grow in numerous ways spiritually and he now feels called to “GO” and reach his family with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.

It all started by Norm listening to God and taking a step of obedience. Through his time serving in Children’s Ministry, he had to take steps of faith by teaching sixth grade. Now he is taking an entire new step of faith by moving back to a place that is much colder than Texas!

Come join our team in Children’s Ministry and see how God impacts your life. Maybe you're scared of kids or unsure about the commitment and other sacrifices that you may have to make. Before you make a decision, let me encourage you to take the first step and ask God about it. Will you take the first step of obedience and pray?

If you are interested in joining our team, contact me at jhunt@hcbcpf.com or Chris Vogel at cvogel@hcbcpf.com.

Jeff Hunt
Family Pastor