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Why are we starting a new church? I wish I could say the answer was simple, but it’s not. The reasons are far reaching and even deeper than they are wide. The least I can do is share a bit about what we are doing and why. If you agree with what you read, then maybe God is calling you to plant a church with us.

Where we are going: Our aim is the biblical proclamation, affectionate worship and exaltation of Jesus Christ through all peoples beginning in North-Austin and out to the nations.
So there it is in a nutshell, where we are going as a church, our vision.

The first word you may notice is the word aim. Our aim is the intentional direction we set towards our desired outcome. The object of our aim is to reconcile all peoples back to God, the subject of our aim is none other than Jesus Christ himself. That may sound like an obvious idea to most of you, but that fact remains it’s not. Many churches have other central goals; eliminating social injustices, caring for their neighbors, building community…etc. and these are all noble pursuits. We believe nonetheless that God has called us to what is central and most often absent in the world around us, namely the life changing realities of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ.
The next word you may notice in the statement is biblical. I hope it stands out, because we are serious about allowing the word of God to be the first and final authority for all our life and faith. I know those words “final authority” may scare some of you. The truth is at one point they scared me to, but when you come to recognize the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God behind them you will welcome them like a treasured friend. We need more bible taught and applied in the church, not less.

Jesus said “I am the Gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.”, but he also said “I am the Way” and so Jesus is not only the subject of our aim he is the means towards it. So we will faithfully proclaim Jesus through the words in scripture as a means of drawing people into a relationship of joyful surrender to Christ.

Central to “joyful surrender” is our affections. Worship of God happens in all of life, in times of joy, excitement, pain, grief and even suffering. Affections play a vital role in our personhood, if we fail to worship God with and through all of the affections we experience, we fail to truly worship God. When we turn all of our affections towards Christ he will be exalted above all and we will be most satisfied in him.

Our desire is to begin right here where we live (North Austin), but His gospel is too big; we have to take it to the world. Our neighborhoods are too small and our Savior is too great to stop at the edge of the street. We need to proclaim Jesus to the nations! He died so that His message of grace could live on through us.

Risk it all, don’t make it to the end of your life and wonder; what would have happened if I trusted Jesus? Gave my life to missions? Or Planted a Church in North Austin? Jesus is worth it, and he is calling you come “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Won’t you join us on this mission?
The invitation is open…

Contact me at if you have any questions or want to talk more about it.

Head to our website to register! I 512-990-7777

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