National Day of Prayer

Prayer is not magic. Prayer is more like recalibration for our souls and loving communion with our heavenly father. Like the old hymn says, we are “prone to wander” from the God we love. That drifting is an effect of living in these earthly bodies which always desire things opposite to God. That’s why prayer is so important for us as a spiritual discipline. Prayer helps us focus our soul in a heavenly direction, and we all need that. Prayer is also about communion with God and one small part of that exchange of thoughts is our petitions as saints. The Bible shows us that God is attentive to the prayers of the saints and he takes those prayers into consideration as he governs the earth. Our nation is in deep need of unity and the National Day of Prayer has been a long lasting National tradition for our country. Let’s make good use of this opportunity for togetherness on a national scale. Let’s pray for our country, let’s pray for our city! Pray for revival, pray for God to bring his kingdom in our nation and in our city.

The National Day of Prayer is today, Thursday May 4th. To help you, we will have the house on our church property open for prayer from 5am to 9pm. We will have prayer guides available for you in the house when you arrive. Let’s pray!