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My Soul Says "YES"

My Soul Says “YES”

Is your disposition towards Jesus “Yes”? I’m so thankful for the ministry of Jesus and how his physical life on earth shows the perfect example of a life of “Yes” to the Father. In three years, Jesus accomplished more than we can imagine for our broken humanity. We can be tempted to think, “Well, yeah… he was God,” but that neglects the very real human nature that Jesus put on by coming to earth. He got hungry. He got tired. Even then, with all that humanity on, he was able to show the kingdom of God on earth in his ministry.

In Matthew 6 when Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, he starts by praising the Father and then says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus, in his human nature, relied on prayer as the foundation to his earthly ministry. Just consider how much he went off to pray. God can do whatever he wants, but for his own good pleasure he chose to demonstrate his kingdom on earth through people.

Jesus not only spiritually died for us; he physically died for us as well. God is about changing things physically and spiritually. The kingdom of God is made tangible through the people of God, and prayer keeps us connected to our source of power and life. When Jesus asks us to pray that God’s will would be done on earth, it’s because we should assume that if nobody prays, then his kingdom will not be manifested on earth (or at least much less than it would be otherwise). This is a very sobering reality. This is how Jesus asks us to pray. We make the kingdom of God a reality on earth first through prayer, and then through action. We always start with prayer and there we receive the grace and power we need to carry out God’s mission: that every man, woman and child in our area would be given a chance to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unless we pray, lostness grows. Unless we pray, darkness overtakes. Unless we pray, we may be satisfied with our own selfish pursuits. The people of God must pray. The future of our city depends on it.

We have a few opportunities we’d like to keep in front of you as we seek to grow in prayer:

  1. Churchwide Prayer Gathering: We are gathering as a church to pray THIS coming Sunday, March 11 from 5-6pm in Room 204. Childcare is available by registration here:
  1. Unceasing Prayer Movement: We have joined well over 50 churches in Austin to adopt a day and fill it with prayer for our city. Our day is every second Wednesday of the month. Please consider filling a 30-minute time slot at: We have 12 slots left!

God bless you all! Let’s pray!