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Momentum 2016

1 Corinthians 3:9 "we are God's fellow workers"

Last night, my 1 year old son "helped" me take out the trash. Obviously, I did not need his help, but I did enjoy having him along. There were a couple of times when the tiniest piece of paper would fall to the ground. When this happened he would squat down, pinch it with his little fingers and victoriously throw it in the bag. He thought he was big stuff! He really enjoyed joining me in the work I was doing.

Jesus is always joyfully serving. The work He is doing is so much bigger than us and our ability to carry it out. The thing I love about Jesus is that He invites us to join Him in the big work He is doing in the church and world. Does He need us? No. Does He want us? Yes, more than we can imagine. When we join Jesus in serving, our joy and His joy intersect.

This is what our focus will be at Momentum this year, the idea of joining Jesus in the work He is doing in the world. The goal of Momentum is that every ministry and every worker would be encouraged, equipped, and engaged. Whether you are teaching children, leading a small group, or still exploring where Jesus would have you join Him, you are invited to Momentum! Our hope is that you will walk away with a renewed joy in the work He has invited you in to.

Momentum Schedule

Friday August 5 - Opening Events and Main Session 1; 6:30 - 8:30pm

Saturday August 6 - Main Session 2 and Ministry Breakouts 9:00am - 12:00pm (Some ministries will have specific training from 12:00-3:30pm.)

Let us know you're coming! Please register here today (Childcare available if you register).