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Sometimes less is more. Sometimes a simple, brief, pithy statement can pack more punch than pages and paragraphs.

For example, God says the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Galatians 5:14). Wow. Really? All the law can be reduced to this one powerful, pithy, principle?

In light of this truth, Hill Country Bible Church is focusing this year on practicing this principle by committing to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE with the wisdom of grace and truth. We do so because, as a family of believers, we love God and love our neighbors. The HCBC elders ask that you make this goal your goal.

To learn how to love where we live, we will be studying some extremely helpful and practical material titled, “The Art of Neighboring”. If you have not yet joined a small group, do so now so you can benefit from a loving learning-community offering mutual encouragement and conversation about neighboring. The study of this material launches the week beginning next Sunday (October 11). You can sign up for a small group here.

In addition, we will begin a Sunday morning series studying through the book of Acts on October 11 entitled, “The Acts of Neighboring.” We are praying that we grow as a family of believers who increasingly love our neighbors as ourselves. And we are not the only ones. Churches all across our city are also committing to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE. Imagine what could happen if every Christ-follower in our city made it their ambition to practice the powerful principle to “love your neighbor as yourself!”

Could God’s strategy for reaching a city be so simple?