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Join in the Joy of Serving WITH Jesus

"with you, there is fullness of Joy"

Psalm 16:11 (Paraphrase)

He was six years old when his grandparents invited him to come help out on their farm. When his grandfather invited the young boy to climb up onto his lap and help drive the tractor, a smile as big as the field they were plowing began to stretch across the boy’s face. As he and his grandfather drove along, they were both overflowing with joy.

I love this picture, taken from the book: Why Pray?, because it's a reminder of how God invites each of us to join Him in His work in the church and the world. If we apply this to the idea of serving in ministry, it reminds us that there can be a lot of joy when we serve WITH Jesus. If we rearrange the picture a little, it can also give us an idea of what ministry could look like without Jesus. For example, imagine if the grandfather had just sat the boy on the imposing tractor with it's mystifying levers and switches, and with a stern face told the boy to plow the entire field on his own. Confusion and tears would ensue. The thing would be too big for the boy to do alone. No matter how you play with the story, the place where the most joy is found is when the young boy is in joy-filled cooperation with the strong hands of his grandfather.

When you and I lead small groups, serve children, or do any other ministries WITHOUT JESUS, there is no small amount of frustration. But when we do ministry WITH JESUS, seeking His power and presence, there can be quite a bit of joy to be had.

This is why we are inviting you to "Join In The Joy Of Serving With Jesus." We are asking you to pray and consider which ministry Jesus might be inviting you to do WITH Him. If you are already serving, we are praying that you would gain new strength that comes from a fresh awareness that God is WITH you. Where is Jesus inviting you to Join In this year?