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Have you considered foster care or adoption?

Are you considering adoption or foster care? Come learn what’s involved from those who have been through the process. Adoption 101 is this Sunday, November 1, from 5-7pm. For more information contact Robert & Tami Franklin. Below is a story from Dawn Amato showing what God did in her and her husband Rob through their adoption process.

Our Adoption story begins with knowing God’s Word. Then trusting that He has planned our marriage, to reflect His will, so we can act through Him. That is where our adoption story starts.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

We truly believe that the seed, of adoption, was always in our hearts planned by God. Years ago we knew we would adopt, but we were waiting. I’m not sure what we were waiting for, but one day we just decided not to wait anymore. There is so much waiting in adoption that I can’t believe we waited so long to start!

In about 2010 we attended the HCBC Pflugerville Adoption 101 where we started pursuing foster to adopt with Arrow Ministries. It seems like such a simple start to our story. We did training, more training, conferences, home visits, lots of paperwork and we waited. Then God said, no.

Only, after prayer, we realized He didn’t really say no. He said He wanted us to do international adoption instead. We had already decided we didn’t want to do international adoption, but now that is where we were being called. So we found a wonderful agency out of Waco, Generations Adoptions. They were starting on a new pilot program with Ghana, Africa and wanted us to pray about adoption from there. We became involved in everything about adoption from Ghana. Within 6 months we were next for a child referral match. Then after a year of waiting God said, no.

Our adoption agency had just started working with a mission out of Round Rock called Shaping Destiny. They wanted us to meet one of the elders and pray about becoming involved with their orphanage in Cameroon, Africa. We were immediately connected to the mission and wanted to learn so much about how they care for orphans. Shaping Destiny believes that all children should live in families. They do an amazing job with putting orphans into foster homes within their birth village. The two hours we spent learning about the mission made our hearts want to take action. We pursued an adoption from the mission and did more training, paperwork, and waiting. One day, while exploring some blogs from past missionaries, I prayed about a specific little girl. She was outside our criteria for a match, but God knew that little girl was ours. He made it so and then God said, go. So I went to Battibo, Cameroon, Africa.

Right before I went to Africa we were matched with her, our little girl. I got to meet her and love on her. At that time I could not yet tell her she was our daughter, that she was not an orphan anymore. Then I flew home to wait.

During the months of waiting on our daughter’s visa we received a phone call. There was a need for a baby girl to be fostered. We acted and took the little one into our family. That is where we saw the need for all of the previous foster care training we received. Two months later we flew out to Cameroon to bring home our daughter. Some amazing things happened while in Cameroon and by God’s grace we helped care for two dying babies.

When we decided to act on adoption we never expected to see God everywhere. We just knew we were done waiting. Now we are a family of seven and are not waiting, but are actively seeking what new adventures God has for us. Through our adoption journey we have seen God’s purpose in all things and through Him we are blessed.

Dawn Amato