Great Adventure Boot Camp

Last week we had 150 teenagers at our church from HCBC Pflugerville, Hutto Bible Church, and Wells Branch Community Church for Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a weeklong event where we prepare students to lead our Bible Clubs that take place in neighborhoods all across the Greater Pflugerville area.

This is such an amazing week, not only because we get to see a ton of teenagers learning to share the gospel, but we also get to see teenagers GET the gospel, in their own hearts and not just in their heads. One student has already shared the gospel with a peer since Boot Camp because they saw the importance of living missionally. This is HUGE!

Each night we would take the students to East Austin to partner with Mission Possible, to give them an opportunity to do Bible Clubs and hang out with kids. This part of the week always stretches our teens in amazing ways and they did an awesome job. Leading clubs, sharing the gospel, hanging out with kids and just sharing life with each other. It was an amazing week.

We ask that you join us in praying BIG as we ramp up for Great Adventure this next week. That’s what these students have been prepping for, and it’s coming! Please pray for our students’ boldness in sharing the gospel, in their community amongst their teams, and their endurance as they will be doing up to 3 clubs a day. Some of them will be helping me lead Xtreme Adventure in the morning! We’re so excited to see how God is going to work next week, these kids have put in the hard work, and I can’t wait to see what God will do.