Feed Feature: Out of My Way!

Most of us have a pretty set way that we like to do life. We wake up, eat our favorite cereal, hop into our cars and head for work or that play date at the park. Like a well-worn path, we have a pretty set way of doing life. For most of us, breaking out of our routine way is extremely hard.

In the story of the good Samaritan, we see this truth illustrated. There was a man who had been beaten and left half dead on the side of the road (Luke 10). Following his beating we see three men who had eaten their Wheaties and were well on their way. Here is how they reacted:

Priest- He passed by on the other side of the road.
Levite- He passed by on the other side of the road.
Samaritan- He crossed the road and went to him and bandaged his wounds.
So, according to this story 1/3 of the men actually broke out of their way of doing life in order to help the man in obvious need. Pretty scary statistic huh?

The thing that makes this whole deal of serving people in need even harder is that often in our prosperity, we don’t see a lot of materially needy people as we drive through our nice suburban neighborhoods. We see socially and spiritually needy folks by the dozens. Those who are hungry, fatherless, and widowed are not always scattered across our life's path however. In order to love these people, who are an extremely high priority to God as well as a real test of our religion (See James 1:27), we must be willing to go out of our way to show compassion.

It's healthy to consider how God may want to interrupt the way we:

Dream about the future for our families
Spend our Saturday mornings
Give our time, talents, and treasures.
It's good to ask if MY WAY and HIS WAY are aligned in how we think of those in need.

Please pray with us that our church would respond to the needs of: The Elderly, The Needy, The Widow, The Fatherless, The Hurting. Consider signing up for one of our Compassion Ministries today! 


Let's go out of our way to show compassion!