Feed Feature: Freedom Sunday

“Seek justice, rescue the oppressed” (Isaiah 1:17)

Riddle: What exists nearly everywhere in the world but is almost invisible to the majority of the population?

Last week’s message on “Living For Others” could not have been timed any better. This Sunday morning we will be exposed to how many “others” in our world really need us to live for them. So, what exists nearly everywhere in the world but is almost invisible to the majority of the population? The answer is “Slavery and Injustice.”

On a given day in Pflugerville, TX, it can be hard to see large-scale injustice. Yes, injustice does exist in our world by all means. This said, we don’t look out of our shiny car windows and see children forced to work in brick factories. We are not approached by pimps on our suburban streets who encouraging us to engage in sexual acts with children or other people being held against their will. If there are domestic servants who are being manipulated around us, they are often kept well hidden. The point is, slavery and injustice are fairly out of sight for a lot of well off western believers. And we’ve all heard the saying, “Out of sight. Out of mind.” It begs the question of how in the world 45,000,000 slaves are regularly kept out of our sight.

This Sunday, our prayer is that God would open all of our eyes a little wider to the struggles of the poor (the ones most easily forced into slavery due to the frailty of their circumstances) around the world. And with our eyes more open to the oppressed, maybe we’ll begin to dream a little bigger about our role in God’s story of bringing freedom. Come join us for Freedom Sunday!

Want to begin learning more about modern day slavery today? Start here.

Josh Howlett

Community Pastor

Note to first hour parents:Some of the content on freedom Sunday may involve reference to mature issues. A childcare alternative will be provided 1st hour. All children birth – 4th grade have a Sunday school class they can attend. Any 5th & 6th grade students are welcome to help serve in Children’s Ministry this Sunday. Swing by the check-in desk for more info. We trust your judgment with your child.