Date Night


Okay, so your trying to live a life of love and you let Valentine’s Day sneak up on you. No worries, here are a few Chuck-and-Tina-date-night ideas to help you live the life of love you want.

1.  Music, for some, is the language of love. Each of you create a play list for the other with the top five songs that make you think of the other. Take turns playing the songs for each other and explain why you chose it. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture and dance.

2. For those of us who are balling on a budget, again no worries. I call this the stay home “I Got This, Babe” date. Take turns planning date night. One week it’s the husband, next week it’s the wife’s turn. You plan the date aimed at the other person’s wants, needs and desire. Example: On the guy's turn he could cook dinner (give a few menu options to choose from). Stream one of her favorite romantic movies. If you don’t know what they are you could ask her or you might choose one like: A Walk to Remember, P.S. I Love You, or Return to Me

3. Go to a coffee shop/café and take your favorite board game or cards and spend a couple of hours enjoying a cup of coffee or a cup of tea while playing a game…Remember don’t get overly competitive, and by all means, don’t cheat! It’s Date night!

4. Give each other pedicure. Guys, don’t be afraid! You’ve used a paint brush before, haven’t you? You can do this! Watch a YouTube video, here is one I found: You can find all the supplies you need at HEB or any Walgreens or CVS.

5. The Adventure Date: Do something outside together, go on a hike, rent a kayak and kayak Town Lake, play putt-putt, go fishing, play disc golf. The adventure doesn’t stop with the outside activities. Once you’ve spent some time playing together go find a place you can sit and talk. Take some index cards. Each person writes on his/her cards one thing they’d like to talk about (i.e kids, spiritual life, finances, calendar…). Then you give them to your spouse. The spouse reads the other cards then let the adventure begin in conversation.

6. Spend an hour reading scripture together and talking about what you read. Pray together. You may not think of this as much of a date night activity, but Tina and I have found some of our most fun, memorable date nights have come out of, or included, deep spiritual conversation.

7. Do a cooking class together. This might also help with the “I Got This, Babe” date nights in the future. There are several out there. Here’s one:;jsessionid=1F51CB645A5D4ED2D3C7175CE1FE002B.slt-prd-dal-app-02-p-app2?storeId=152
Let Valentine’s Day be the kick off to a regularly planned date night. To crush it on Valentine’s Day and miss it the rest of the year will do our marriages little good. But if we will pray, plan and practice healthy date night habits we will see our marriages grow closer to God and closer to each other.

We will end with these thoughts: Have fun, do new things, live for each other, keep God at the center of your marriage. May God richly bless your marriage and may you both grow deeper in love with the Father and each other!

Chuck and Tina

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