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Celebrate Recovery

I wonder what potential my life holds? Jesus came to give me abundant life . . . not life with a limp . . . not a life of drudgery . . . not a life of relational strain . . . not a life in bondage to ANYTHING. He came to give me ABUNDANT life. How many of us can say we are fully experiencing the abundance He offers us? Most of the time, I am not.

I will never forget my first women's retreat as new believer. As we worshiped, I couldn't express the intimacy and connection I had with God in those moments. The communion between me and the Spirit left me yearning to experience the uninterrupted fellowship that will be mine when I experience Him in heaven. Until that day, I want to walk my journey getting closer and closer in intimate obedience to my Father. God has used Celebrate Recovery to help me turn more fully to Him in the midst of the intense difficulty of life instead of turning to my hurts, habits and hang-ups . . . those empty cisterns that will never truly give me satisfaction and abundant life . . . only frustration. I invite you to come check out Celebrate Recovery. No participation is required. You can simply come and observe, and ask God to reveal whatever He may have for you. May victory over your struggles be yours with His help. Join us Friday night at 7pm. Childcare is provided with preregistration. Click here to register your children. For more information email

Dana Olson