Carols and Cookies Event

There’s something about Christmas that brings a warm and nostalgic feeling to me. I love the music of the season. Whether it’s a classic rendition of “O Holy Night” or an upbeat toe-tappin’ song like “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” Christmas music has always brought joy to me.

As a little girl, I remember dancing to Christmas music around the house with my mom and my sister, grinning ear to ear, just enjoying the time together as a family.

Then, you have the tastes of the season. Those melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies that Mom makes, Grandpa’s delicious chocolate fudge, or that mulled cider that fills the entire house with the most satisfying aroma. All of these tastes, sights and smells are just part of the season, but they sure bring back great memories.

What do all of these fun Christmas memories have in common? They’re fun traditions! Each family creates their own set of traditions for themselves that help make the season special and memorable.

Traditions can be wonderful, as long as they don’t take away the meaning of why we have the tradition in the first place.

Why do we celebrate at Christmas time…? Why do I celebrate at Christmas time…? I celebrate because our Amazing God, the King, the Ruler of the World paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving His one and only son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for me and my life of sin. I am eternally grateful for Him and His incredible love for me. I celebrate by sharing the gifts of the season with my family and friends. I celebrate through experiencing music, singing praise and spreading joy throughout my community.

There’s nothing worth celebrating more than God’s love for His people (that’s you and me!).

This coming Sunday will mark the 3rd year of our Carols and Cookies Musical Concert. The concert itself is FREE and childcare is also FREE if you sign up in advance online.

I would like to personally extend an invitation to you and your family to our Carols and Cookies Event. It’s a fun, musical concert where there will be… wait for it… Carols! And… you guessed it… Cookies! It’s a great event to invite your friends and neighbors to, so I encourage you to do that.

As you’re thinking about the traditions that you want to make with your families over this Christmas season, consider coming out this Sunday, December 11th to celebrate the season in song with Carols and Cookies.

In addition, we’ll have beautiful services on Christmas Eve at 4:30pm and 6pm and on Christmas Day at 10am to celebrate what our Amazing King has done and who we are in Him.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Kati Klerekoper