Bombs and Blessings

My heart is so broken over what is going on in our city. Seemingly random bombs hurting people and taking life. I’m sure we all rejoice that the suspect was caught, however we still have to be cautious because it’s not clear if other bombs were placed before the bombers death. So be careful out there and report anything suspicious to the police. I wanted to write to you briefly about what our response should be in times like this. We can easily become calloused to more school shootings and more people being hurt but when it happens in our own city then we pay more attention. Let’s remember that many families around the world live in fear of bombs and oppression and we are just getting a taste of it.
My message to you today? Choose to be a blessing. There is a song by John Waller called The Blessing where he states “This day, blessings and curses are choices. Will we build up or tear down? Choose to be a blessing for life” this is in reference to Deuteronomy 11:26 where God tells his people about the blessing of following his commandments and the curse of not following them. Thank God we live under the grace of Jesus but we see a very real choice laid before us. We can choose to bless or choose to curse. We can choose to build up and heal, or choose to tear down and destroy. Look at James 3:10 and see how it is not fitting for curses to come from the mouths of Christians. We are healers of the land; we are on mission to reconcile a broken world to the creator king.
The individual/s involved in these bombing have chosen to curse, to bring destruction and that should not surprise us (1 Peter 4:12). What we are called to do in response to evil is to bless (Luke 6:28). I tell my disciples all the time that we are redeemed by God to live on earth as an anti-matter to evil. Our light, in a very tangible way, makes the darkness flee. When we choose to allow sin into our lives, the fruit of that is more sin. When we choose to live by the spirit, the fruit is the kingdom of God pouring out from our lives. My friends, do not fear, do not become numb. Take a hold of the calling you have been given and passionately live, blessing the world around you. God chose a people on earth in order to bless the rest of the earth through them (Genesis 22:18). By our lives of holiness and love, we bring light to a dark world.
So what should we do? How should we live? We must practically BE the logical conclusion of this truth. We must live as a blessing to the world around us in every way we can. A bomber is cursing the world by laying traps but personally are you laying metaphorical bombs for those around you with negative words and actions? What about when we don’t get our way? Are we spewing curses or blessings? There is no in-between here, lukewarm is the same as cold (Revelation 3:16). Our appointed heavenly commission is to be a blessing physically and spiritually to the city of Austin. As the enemy sets bombs, let us set blessings. As the enemy attempts to divide, let's unite under the powerful name of Jesus. Pray for these poor families affected by this terror. The way you fight evil is with good, there is a tangible affect to our light. They think the bomber was from Pflugerville, our city. You may not be an FBI investigator but you can still tangibly do good by getting to know your neighbors, comfort them with kindness. Help the community in whatever way you can, choose to be a blessing! The world is not all evil, the light is here and the light is in you!

Isaiah Cruz
Worship and Communication Pastor