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Are you coming to Momentum?

Should I come to Momentum?

Still on the fence as to whether or not you’ll make the Momentum churchwide training this weekend? Here are four questions to ask yourself. If you’re in a public place while reading this, don’t feel the need to answer out loud. People might begin to wonder about you.

Every Ministry/Every Worker

1.  Am I planning on serving the Church or Community in even the smallest way in the coming year?

  • Yes - Then come to Momentum. The general sessions will apply to all ministries (Church/Community) and also be a really great mix of worship, teaching, and fun-filled events.
  • No - Then come to Momentum with a heart open to possibly still jump in and serve.

2.  Do I like being encouraged?

  • Yes - Then come to Momentum and find encouragement through worshiping and learning with those you’ll be serving alongside in the coming year.
  • No - Then come to Momentum because you probably need to get out of the funk you’re in . . . and it’s going to be a real good time.

3.  Do I feel like I have all the resources, direction, and support that I need for ministry in the year ahead?

  • Yes - Praise God you feel ready to go! But please come and pass that feeling around to others.
  • No - Then come to Momentum and glean from the valuable teaching and direction offered there.

4.  Do I enjoy being engaged in the work of God in the world?

  • Yes - Then come to Momentum and join with a whole room full of folks who live to be engaged in what God is up to in the world.
  • No - Then come to Momentum and pray that the passion of others will help light a fire in you for engaging in God’s work and world.

Momentum - Every Ministry. Every worker. Encouraged. Equipped. Engaged.

In short, everyone come to Momentum!

Find the schedule here.

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