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All Hands On Deck: Connections

Acts 28:2- “They showed us an unusual kindness.”

By all appearances the average Chic-fil-A franchise looks like any other fast food restaurant: Brown tile floors, play-space, drive thru, uniforms, menu on the wall. Ok, the funny cow billboards are different. I gotta give you that. This said, I don’t think cows are the secret ingredient in the chicken centered culture. So what is it? Without reading further, what would you say? What makes our fast-food experience there so much better than at comparable restaurants?

Well, blog post after webpage answered this question in the following way: One of the major things that makes Chic-fil-A different is the ambiance created by having a staff who is treated well and trained to extend warmth and friendliness all day long. Really? Ambiance, warmth, and friendliness? Really! Yes, the dynamite chicken is an undeniable factor in success, but the thing that really makes the restaurant stand out is the way it treats its customers. I think I could literally spend the whole afternoon at Chic-fil-A thanking its employees and hearing their reoccurring reply of “my pleasure.” It’s just so refreshing to be treated with kindness because it is so rare in our world.

Now to the point. If a chicken restaurant can serve up kindness in such a way that it draws people to their delicious product, how can the church of the living God use the same means to help people discover our all satisfying Jesus? Well, here’s a start.

Each Sunday we do our best to have friendly greeters at each door of the church welcoming folks to worship. Our hospitality team seeks to create an atmosphere with coffee, snacks, and smiles that displays in a tangible way the grace of God. Folks at the connections desk are ready to serve by passing along helpful resources and pointing parents with children in the right direction. Ushers do their best to pave the way for folks to experience God’s love in our worship services. Not to mention our Starting Point teams, Next Steps teams, and those who follow up with visitors throughout the week. What would it take for our church to be far above average in this area? The answer: You. As you pray about where to serve in the coming year, please consider one of the many service opportunities in the Connections Ministry.

All Hands On Deck,

Josh Howlett

Community Pastor