A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers would love what you’re doing with your neighbors—or about to do with your neighbors!

Whether you are following up with new friends from your Love Where You Live Neighbor group, or just beginning to make some contacts with your neighbors, hosting a Bible Club during this summer’s Great Adventure is a great idea!

And the beauty of hosting this summer is you have two options. You can host a club in your front yard like we have traditionally done, or you can team up with others in your neighborhood to host a larger club in your neighborhood park!

Either way, it is our well-trained teenagers who will come and lead your club kids through games, skits, songs, and an engaging gospel presentation. By hosting, you can play a key role in our commitment to saturate the greater Pflugerville area with the gospel.

In addition to hosting, we are also praying for drivers who will take responsibility to transport our teen teams to the club locations. This is a significant role and if you have some wheels and some time to dedicate (June 20-23), your car could be more popular than the neighborhood ice cream truck!

To find out more information, go here for a video, additional details, and registration. Also, check out the Great Adventure display in the church lobby for neighborhood park opportunities.

Let’s build a beautiful day in the neighborhood!