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4 Steps

Hey Church Family,

Our small groups are on break right now. Kids are just about out of school. It’s heating up outside. It’s a great time to sign up to take your next step here at Hill Country! Four times a year we provide the opportunity for our church family to take one of 4 steps in our Next Steps Path:

Membership – Learn what it means to be a part of this Family of Believers.
Maturity – Learn how to connect with God through Spiritual Disciplines
Ministry – Learn how God has uniquely gifted you to serve others.
Mission – Learn how to reach the lost with your life.

The spiritual life is all about progress, not perfection. What steps are you taking to move forward in your relationship with Jesus? We’re praying that God will bless you and move our church forward as we take our Next Steps together!

Sign up for your Next Step!

June 12 (Not this Sunday but next!)