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What's Your Story?

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* What's Your Story? As followers of Christ we all have a time that we made the choice to follow Him. We all have a story. We also (usually) choose to live in such a way that demonstrates and declares the love of Jesus to all...

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Do You Remember the 90s?

As a photographer, I have experienced the progressive change from developing film in a dark room to downloading digital files. While the quality of digital images was debated for few years during the growing pains of change, ultimately we have come to accept the use of modern technology to capture memories which we'd like to preserveand also some we'd rather not.While the ...

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Sight from the Blind

"The most common thread among the chronically homeless is loss of family." This was such a powerful discovery. Before my experiences of this week I would have guessed the common thread of homelessness was substance abuse or challenged mental health. Due to the loss of any sense of community, be it school or church or family, your motive for living well and pursuing the ha...

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40 Days of Prayer

Knowing if a choice that I make is based on faith or foolishness is a lifelong internal struggle for me. I recall experiences like choosing a college, leaving a job, and purchasing a car as a few examples. I certainly desire to make choices that line up with God's will. But how do I know, exactly, what that WILL is? As for all things in life, God answers that in his word g...

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The Feed Feature - Prayer

Would you pray for me? In times of desperation we are game to let anyone and everyone pray for us. But you know on their time, at their convenience, in their head. Please and thank you. Oh, you want to pray rightNOW? Out loud?WITHme? Um. Shoot. Awkward. But ok, I guess I can't argue with someone being more spiritual than me. Here goes! "Yeah, what they said God. Amen." ...

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