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Do You Remember the 90s?

As a photographer, I have experienced the progressive change from developing film in a dark room to downloading digital files. While the quality of digital images was debated for few years during the growing pains of change, ultimately we have come to accept the use of modern technology to capture memories which we'd like to preserveand also some we'd rather not.While the ...

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What's the Point of Baptism?

When I was in college, I pledged for a Christian fraternity. As part of our pledging process, we were required to do some fairly interesting acts of initiation. Many times throughout the three month process of pledging, we wondered if there was any point to such things as: never stepping on the piece of red carpet that was unavoidably in the middle of our house, always run...

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Obedience to Alaska

Trusting, Listening and Serving Wherever You Find Yourself Recently, I received some sad, yet exciting news. How can it be both sad and exciting at the same time? One of our Children's Ministry Team Members and friend, Norm, recently shared with us that he is going to have to step down from serving because his family is moving back home to Alaska. When my wife and I heard...

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