Prayer is an essential part of who we are as believers in Jesus Christ and as a church family. Listed below are several opportunities to engage in prayer with our community at HCBCPF.

1. Request Prayer
2. Sunday Mornings - 8:30am in the Swenson House 
3. Unceasing Prayer Movement - 2nd Wednesday of each month in 2020 
4. Prayer During Services - Sundays 9:15am and 11am 
5. Churchwide Prayer Gathering - Once a quarter 


The people of our Prayer Ministry want to know how we can pray for you specifically. Please submit your prayer request, and we will lift your requests to Lord. We would also love to hear about answers to prayer and praises that you have experienced as a result of God working in your life!

The following guidelines must be agreed upon by all users of our Prayer Chain: 

  • Submissions should be presented in the form of a "prayer request" and stated in a concise and clear manner that communicates to the prayer team what one is asking for in prayer.  
  • It is the responsibility of the one submitting the request to obtain permission from anyone named in the request, and to insure the correctness of all content.  Submissions should NOT include any of the following:
       a)  Any names of people, without their permission.
       b)  Any names of organizations, such as churches, businesses, etc., without their permission.
       c)  Information that may be offensive or slanderous to other people or groups. 
  • The prayer chain moderator has the authority to edit all submissions to comply with these guidelines, and to exclude any info that may be questionable.
  • Requests are collected and then sent out in a group once, or twice, per day as needed. If you have an emergency request that cannot wait until the next group posting, please contact the church office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want this request to be submitted anonymously, please mention this in your email.

Submit a Prayer Request

Join the Prayer Team and partner with us as we bring our requests and praises to God.