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Holy Habits

Holy Habits


Prayer is routinely conversing and communicating with God for the purpose of aligning our thoughts, feelings, and lives with His. (Willard, 84)


Service is the intentional use of our time, abilities, or resources for the good of others. (Michael Bischof, Souleader Resources)


Devotions is a time of the day where you are devoting yourself to maintaining a close relationship with God through prayer, Bible reading, meditation and rest in His presence.

Bible Study

Bible Study is seeking to understand the Bible by learning all that you can about it for the purpose of better knowing and obeying the God of the Bible. 


Meditation is spending focused time applying scripture to memory and reflecting on its implications for your life and the lives of others.


Practicing the Sabbath involves the setting aside of one day each week where you disconnect from life as normal, for the purpose of rest, reflection, and recreation in the Lord.


Giving is the discipline of regularly giving a portion of your income to fund the work of the Lord as worship to the Lord. This discipline sometimes requires a second discipline of simplifying our lifestyles.


Community is pursuing friendships with a small group of people who are committed to following Jesus with you in all areas of life.


Fasting is voluntarily going without such things as food, media, or other consumable items in order to focus on being consumed with God through prayer and fellowship with Him.


Solitude is choosing to be alone for short periods of time to temporarily separate ourselves from the noisy messages of society for the purpose of realigning ourselves with God's presence, promises and purposes.