Since the traditional Great Adventure which includes Boot Camp, Bible Clubs, Summerfest and GO Trips will not happen due to COVID restrictions, we have an alternative plan for the discipleship of your children!

Great Adventure 2020 - Red Letter Challenge

1. Each child receives a "Red Letter Challenge" book. Pick up your book(s) on Monday, July 6 at the church between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

2. Of the 40 Days of devotions and activities in the book, the Great Adventure Leadership Team will emphasize and provide supplies & resources for two days of each of the six week. (As a family, you can choose to do the other days as well.)

3. As a family, you pick up resources and a treat EACH Monday evening at the church between 7:00pm and 8:00pm for that week's resources.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Previously, our Student Ministry has led Bible Clubs for children. Are they involved with this? 

  • Student Ministry is going through the student version of "Red Letter Challenge". However, the discipleship they are receiving through this 40-Day Challenge does not include leading Bible Clubs. (Email Tami for details about the Student Ministry plan.)
  • As parents are usually a child's primary disciple maker, we are encouraging parents to lead their children through these devotions as you learn about Jesus together as a family.

Why should I come to the church each Monday evening?

  • The Great Adventure Leadership Team will be there to excitedly greet you and your children as you pick up your supplies! Familiar faces are healing during this challenging time.
  • You have the opportunity to see and greet other families from your car.

How does this reach families who don't attend church?

  • The activities your children will do based on Jesus's words that they will study in the book will lead to loving, serving, and praying for others.
  • You may also consider inviting families in your sphere of influence to also take the "Red Letter Challenge".

How will we celebrate what God does through this experience?

  • The last Monday, August 10 will be a celebratory evening. Details will be revealed at a later date.
  • We'll have an evening of Praise & Worship to thank God for his work in our lives this summer.


Contact Tina Leyden with any questions.