Leaders: Rick & Danna Link
Date: March 27-29, 2020 | $150-$200


Want a taste of the action? Want to see God's hand at work in a different part of the world. A Piedras Negras mission trip is for you. This trip provides an incredible opportunity to experience the life of a missionary...for the very first time. You'll be a part of a team heading across the border to meet physical needs through a medical day clinic and to meet spiritual needs through sharing your grace story & the Gospel. Come be a part of the adventure!

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NEXT TRIP: March 27-29, 2020

WHERE:  Piedras Negras, Mexico

WHO:  Anyone wanting to experience the love of Jesus through God's mission to the world.

Also, anyone with skills in dental, nursing, or medicine can put their abilities to work on these trips.

PRICE:  $200 (Adults and Male Students) & $150 (Female Students)


  1. Fill out Global Outreach Application.
  2. A passport is required for this trip.  If you already have one check the expiration date to make sure it is current. 
  3. For questions, contact Rick & Danna Link at HCBC Pflugerille via email (click here) or telephone: (512) 914-8875
  4.  Deadline to apply is March 9.

TRAINING:  A required training meeting will take place before each trip at Hill Country Pflugerville. Lunch is provided. Map to HCBC Pflugerville Mandatory Training Lunch is on Sunday, March 8 from 12:30-2pm in room 206.

FOR MORE INFO:  Contact Rick & Danna Link (Pflugerville) at (512) 914-8875


We are no longer permitted to bring donation items across the border. You can help by giving financial contributions for us to use as we buy the necessary items in Mexico. Please designate your giving to Piedras Negras.


BSWH Faith in Action Mission to Mexico v4 from Silver Horn Media on Vimeo.