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Basic Discipleship Curriculum & Training

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Next Step Lessons for New Believers

If you’ve recently placed your faith in Jesus Christ, you are about to embark on an exciting, life-long journey. By working through these lessons with another believer, you are taking an important step that will give you a solid foundation for growth and confidence for the journey ahead.

The Next Step Lessons for New Believers are designed to help you:

  1. Build confidence in your walk with Christ
  2. Understand the basics on how to grow spiritually
  3. Discover meaningful relationships with fellow believers
  4. Equip you to reach others with the gospel

To get started, download the free resources below.  

 Participant's Guide

 Leader's Guide

Find out more about the confidence you have in your new faith in Christ. See how to take your next step. 


Help new believers find confidence in their faith. 


Guía del participante en español.


Guíia del líder en español.




New believers in Jesus Christ need someone to help them know how to get started in their relationship with Him – and to walk through that discovery process with them. The same Holy Spirit who draws men and women to Christ is the only One who is capable of enabling anyone to grow to maturity in Christ. But in both cases, He generally works through His people to accomplish His purposes.

Who can lead a Next Steps study? Am I ready?

Whether you’ve walked with Jesus for many years or are just beginning the journey, you can help establish a young Christian’s faith and spark their growth toward maturity and fruitfulness in Christ.

What’s my part?

Take the initiative to invite a new believer into the Next Steps Study with you and always leave the results to God.

I helped someone come to faith. How can I follow up?

Offer to meet with the person by asking, “Could we meet sometime to go over some things that will help you grow in your new relationship with Christ?” Set up an appointment and use the discipleship tools to encourage them to grow.

If the answer is “no,” invite him/her to an activity where other believers are involved. Communicate that you are available to help, but you don’t want to be pushy.

I’m planning to meet with a new believer. How should I prepare?
  • Pray regularly for the person.
  • Show genuine interest in their life, and share what’s happening in your own life.
  • Plan on the each session lasting about one hour and make sure they have a copy of the participant’s guide.
  • Review any verses/concepts that aren’t understood.
  • Encourage them to develop a habit of reading the Bible each day.
  • Close in prayer.