Executive Pastor


Chuck was born in Honolulu Hawaii…and can dance a mean hula!  He married Tina in June of 1989. Though God gave him a glimpse of His grace, mercy and kindness in Tina he began being open to the gospel message.  He began a relationship with God through faith in Jesus in 1990 and started attending HCBCNW.  Soon after he became a follower of Jesus he felt a call to move into vocational ministry, but he loved his job and had no seminary training.  Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and encouragement from friends and family he joined the staff of HCBCNW in 2000.  In 2004 he went to HCBCSW as the family pastor.  He joined the staff at HCBCPF in 2010.  He has also served as a hospice chaplain.  He and Tina have 5 children Kasey, Joshua, Rachel, Kenna and James. 


Favorite Movies:  Lonesome Dove…a movie that reminds me you’re never too old to “kick a pig or dance a jig,” and to never put off till tomorrow what should be said today.  A Walk To Remember…reminds me of Tina and I

Favorite Books:  “It Came From Within” by Andy Stanley, “Gospel” by JD Greear, “You Can Change” by Tim Chester, “Surprised by Grace” by Tullian Tchividjian, “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas

Favorite Place to Visit on the Web:  Pandora, Groove Shark, Spotify,,

Favorite Pastime:  Hunting and fishing with family and friends. Playing poker and dominoes

Favorite Place to Travel:  Never been but I would love to go to Brazil…peacock bass fishing

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