Student Pastor


I love God and I love people. I've found that life for me revolves around these two ideas. I'm passionate about caring for Middle School and High School students. I desire to see them understand their identity in Christ, and I also simply enjoy their presence in my life. I enjoy a nice walk at a park, a nice meal, rich conversations, sports, quiet time to reflect, and quality time with my wife. I have 2 brothers (Travis and Timothy), the greatest and most beautiful wife in the whole world, Bridget and a son, Liam Jacob.

Favorite Movie(s):  Anything with Tom Hanks

Favorite TV Show(s): UT Football, NBA games

Favorite Music:  Folk, Indie, Worship Music

Favorite Book(s): The Holy Bible, The Screwtape Letters (Lewis), Just Walk Across the Room (Hybels), Not a Fan (Idleman)

Favorite Place to Visit on the Web: ESPN

Favorite Place to Travel: Somewhere I haven’t been yet, with my wife.

Favorite Pastime:  Playing Sports, really, any sport that has a ball in it, I love to play that one.

Favorite Verse(s):  Ephesians 2:4-5


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