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Preschool children learn who God is and how to respond to Him in worship by examining key attributes of God. In age-appropriate ways, children learn what it means to praise God through song and prayer and by serving one another in a worship setting.

In worship, the focus for Preschool and Kindergarten children is to learn the character of this mighty God we worship.  Each month children will learn an attribute of God and how to respond in worship to the God who is Omnipotent, Ever-present, and Eternal.




In Sunday School, we carefully communicate the deep truths of God's Word in ways that children can begin to apply those truths day by day. We emphasize learning the great stories of faith and communicate what those stories teach about God and His character. Even very young children can begin to memorize God's Word and understand who God is.





If you are interested in joining our Children's Ministry team just call the church office (990-7777) or email us here