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Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources



Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp 

   Many parenting books are based on hit-or-miss theories steeped in secular thinking. This one draws from Pastor Tripp's seasoned experience as a father -- and from God's holy Word! Grounded in the Bible's divine plan for parenting, this guide defines your goals as a parent and provides the scriptural methods for accomplishing them. Covers infancy through the teen years.



grace based

Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel 

  Dr. Kimmel offers a revolutionary concept that focuses on the model and guidance provided by God the Father,  the ultimate child and family expert. Grace-Based Parenting is not another manual full of impossible standards; rather it is a new map for learning to see ourselves and our children through God's limitless tenderness, to raise our kids the way God raises us.



age of opportunity

Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp

Are you hoping merely to survive your teenagers? With compassion, wit, and wisdom, Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting families during the often-chaotic adolescent years. Gain assurance of God's provision for parenting success and discover ways to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with your teens. Study guide included.



how to love your child


How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell

  Dr. Campbell reveals the emotional needs of a child and provides you with the skill and techniques that can begin to help make your child feel truly loved and accepted.



how to love your teen


How to Really Love Your Teenager by Ross Campbell

   Applying Dr. Campbell's wise instruction will help you and your teen move closer together. You may even be surprised at how exciting and fulfilling it can be to really love your teenager.




Passport to Purity by Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Here's your preteen's ticket for a journey to maturity! Plan a "getaway" weekend, where you and your child will connect heart-to-heart on life's most intimate issues (puberty, dating, peer pressure). Help your preteen decide in advance what his/her convictions will be, based on God's Word. Includes parent/student manuals, commemorative passport, and four audio CD's. Ages 10 to 15.

  life to life

Sealed Orders: Life-to-Life Encounters by Matt Brinkley

Sealed Orders was created for parents in their pursuit to establish a successful mentoring between them and their teenager. Romans 1:11,12 says, "I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong, that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith." It is with this same passion that Life to Life was written. Ages 13-17

Screen It! was created to give parents a way to access the content of popular entertainment their kids are exposed to. It is an excellent resource for detailed information on current movies and DVDs. They offer content listing in many categories for every movie and video they review.

ClearPlay is a fancy DVD Player that can play regular DVD movies -- but without profanity, violence and nudity.  It's really quite ingenious. Clearplay creates filtering information on a movie by movie basis, and then put those "filters" into the DVD player. This way, the DVD player knows when to skip or mute while the movie is playing. You can purchase a Clearplay DVD player for about $50 at any Target Store and purchase a subscription to get weekly updates of the filtering service through their website.